Carrot & Ginger Number Cake

This delicious Carrot & Ginger Cake with Cream Cheese topping is the perfect match for you! Choose an age or go for initials, anything is possible! On the right you can enter your number or letter. This Cake serves approximately 12 guests.

* Note: if you want double digits or more than one initial, please order each number or letter individually in the Cake Shop. The mentioned price is per number or letter.
* This Cake only has the Cream Cheese on top.
* The extra toppings in the image are subject to availability.

Carrot & Ginger Number Cake

  • Keep this Cake in the fridge covered in plastic wrap or the original box. The Cake can be consumed until 3 days after pick up (only when kept in the fridge). Take the Cake out of the fridge 2 hours before serving it, so it can come to room temperature.

  • Pick up only at Bird on your Cake. My days are filled with designing and baking so it is not always possible to deliver your Cake. Do you want to have your Cake delivered? Please contact me to discuss the possibilities.

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